Zaven Meguerditchian


Salt Lake City, Utah-Please don't cry we are enfolded in the arms of those who have been waiting for us here just over the rainbow.

Rashelle and her son Zaven were taken from this earth early Friday morning December 12, 2014 in an automobile accident.

He preceded in death by grandmother, Kimberly Welch; and grandfather, Krikor Meguerditichian.

Zaven Meguerditichian was born May 10, 2010 in Salt Lake City, Utah. In his short little stay on Earth, he loved his big sissy, Lexy; and enjoyed his big brother, Lev. He was his dads little "Baben". He was sweet, kind, and loving. He loved his great grandparents, Nan and Great, soccer, preschool, playing with cousins and spending time at "Nene's".
They are both survived by husband/father Levon, daughter/sister Alexis and step son/brother Levon, Jr.; sister/Aunt Brittany Kavoukas, sister/Aunt Maddie Kavoukas, nephew/cousin Gaige Killebrew, sister/Aunt Francis Welch; grandparents/great grandparents Astrid and Russell M. Druce, mother-in-law/grandmother, Servert Meguerditchian; step father/grandfather, George Kavoukas; Zaven's aunts and uncles: Steve Meguerditchian; Nichan and Melanie Meguerditchian and children; and Hagop and Makara Meguerditchian. Because of their passing there will be many empty hearts.

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