Tyrone Snowden Woods, Sr.


Memorial services for fallen U.S. Navy SEAL Tyrone S. Woods is being held today, Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012, in San Diego, CA.
Chapel services will be held at the Naval Air Station North Island (NASI) at 10:30 a.m.
Memorial service with full military honors will be held at 1 p.m., at the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, 1800 Cabrillo Memorial Dr., San Diego, CA 92166.
The family and the Naval Special Warfare Group 1 have asked the Patriot Guard Riders to attend the funeral honoring the fallen hero who was killed in the terrorist attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya.
Woods, a native of Portland, OR, joined the Navy right out of high school in 1990. He became a much-decorated Naval SEAL who served multiple tours of combat duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Among other decorations, he received a Bronze Star with Combat V.

He also earned distinction serving at the Naval Medical Center in San Diego as a registered nurse and certified paramedic. He retired as a Sr. Chief Petty Officer in 2010.
Woods was working for a private security firm under contract with the State Department when he was killed along with the U.S. Ambassador and two others by terrorists who attacked the embassy on Sept. 10.
The Southern California Patriot guard, which is expected to be out in force to honor Woods as requested by the family, published a statement on its website about Woods, stating in part (www.socalpgr.org):
“Former 20 year Navy Seal veteran Tyrone Snowden Woods gave his life protecting and serving with the men he respected, protecting the freedoms we enjoy today and doing something that he loved. On Monday 10 Sep, Tyrone, Glen Doherty (SEAL), Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith were all killed in the attack of our embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Woods and Doherty died in a firefight trying to protect other Amerians on the grounds.
“Senior Chief Petty Officer and Special Warfare Operator Woods (retired), survived the Navy SEAL’s “Hell Week” twice due to an injury because, as he told his Mom, “I don’t want to be just another barnacle scraping Sailor.” Tyrone was a very highly decorated SEAL serving many tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After retirement in 2010, Tyrone went to work for a private security and intelligence contractor serving the State Department in South America and the Middle East.
“Tyrone was described as ‘balls to the wall,” a person that loved life, loved adrenalin yet was quiet by nature. He was also a Registered Nurse and a certified Paramedic.
“Tyrone is survived by his beloved wife,. Dr. Dorothy Narvaez Woods (former Navy veteran), two teenage sons, Tyrone Jr. and Hunter, 3-month old KAI, his mother, father, and sister.

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