Thaddeus John Hale


Thaddeus John Hale was born on March 30, 2001, in Rock Springs, Wyo., to Ryan John and Amber Marie (Stratton) Hale.Thad attended Koogler Middle School and was in the eighth grade. He was a member of Student Council and the volleyball manager. He loved listening to music and was an avid reader. He enjoyed spending time with his little brother, Malakai, and enjoyed camping and riding his bike. He also loved making art. He always made people smile with his corny jokes and smile. He was a klutz and kept people laughing. He will be greatly missed. Thaddeus was preceded in death by his grandfather, John Roe Hale; and great-grandparents, Everett Edward Hale, Cleo Ziegler Hale, Mark Clark Jr., Richard Eugene Day, Margaret Campbell Day, Glenn Stratton and Sueann Stratton. He is survived by his parents, Ryan (Amber) Hale; brother, Malakai Stratton Hale; grandparents, Carol C. Peck, Ole Peck, Bill Stratton and Lisa Stratton; greatgrandmother, Wanetta Clark; aunts and uncles, Matthew (Rachelle) Stratton, Zachary(Joleen) Stratton, Erik Stratton, Tyler Hale and Brandon Hale.

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