Senior Deputy Jessica Luara Hollis

Senior Deputy Jessica Laura Hollis

Jessica Wright Hollis grew up in San Antonio, Texas, graduated from Churchill High School in 1997 where she was a varsity cheerleader. She attended Texas A&M in Corpus Christi and Southwest Texas State studying Marine Biology.

Jessica met her future husband, Ricky Hollis while they were serving as EMTs in San Antonio. They then served together as Paramedics for Calhoun County for 5 years. The couple moved to Austin after being accepted into the Austin Police Academy, and had the distinction of being the 2nd married couple to ever graduate from the Austin Police Academy. Jessica served with the Austin Police Department and the Travis County Parks Department, before being recruited by the Travis County Sheriff's Department. Ricky has served with the Austin Police Department for 9 years.

Jessica has served with Honor and Distinction for the Travis County Sheriff Office for the last seven years, becoming a Senior Deputy Sheriff. Jessica served as a Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer and Vice Officer. Jessica loved diving and worked hard to become a member of the prestigious Travis County Dive Team. She had just become a Certified Master Scuba Diver and received the Unit Citation Award for her work with the Dive Team. Jessica and son Mason shared their love of diving and they were very proud of his recent diving certification. The American Legion nominated Jessica for 2010 "Officer of the Year". Her Lieutenant eloquently stated, "Jessica was a shining star and would advance far with Travis County". Although slight in size, she had a vivacious personality. She was loved, respected and admired by family, friends and peers. Anyone who knew Jessica would say she never met a stranger.

Jessica above all, loved spending time with Mason; most recently, their special mother-son vacation to New Orleans and the Hall family lake vacation. She was very sentimental about her family heritage, saving and collecting family treasures: from the 1951 Pontiac Chieftain, the family restored to her late Granny Wright's piano that she loved and hoped Mason would play but "Football and Diving were winning out". Vicki and Jessica loved Mother/Daughter time that was lovingly referred to as "Mommy Me Time", sharing their passion for helping animal rescue shelters and searching for all things Vintage.

Her strong desire to serve and help "Everyone" was evident in all she did and she died living her passion of serving others. In Lieu of Flowers, the family feels Jessica would request that donations be made to the AY Chihuahua Rescue of Austin, Texas in honor of Ms. Olivia and Ms. Frida.

She is survived by her husband of 12 years, Ricky; their 12 year old son, Mason; her mother, Vicki Wright; stepfather, Bill Wright and partner, Eva Lee; father, Rick Hall and wife Dale Freeman; siblings, Wade Wright, Crystal Fulfer and husband Weston, Katherine Lively and husband Billy, Taylor Hall and wife Bianca; grandmother, Jessie Hall; and mother-in-law, Melody Hollis.

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