Mateus Moore

Mateus Moore

MARYSVILLE, CALIF. - Friends, family, and students packed into the stands Sunday night at a ballpark beside train tracks where Mateus Moore was killed saving his girlfriend's life.

Loved ones, friends, students and staff sang songs and shared stories, honoring the young man. Many of them were calling him a hero for what he did Friday night.

Moore pushed his girlfriend Micayla Friend out of the path of the oncoming train and saved her life. The teens were walking back from the store along the train tracks when they were struck by a freight train.

As loved ones and friends wiped away their tears, many remembered what made the young teen so special.

They played his favorite song by Pink Floyd: "Wish You Were Here."

Others recalled the young man who was built like a football player, but was instead a gentle giant.

The teen played the guitar and excelled in academics. Those who knew him said he stood for everything that was right.

Sunday night, Micayla's mother express her deepest gratitude to the young man who saved her daughter's life.

"My daughter wouldn't be here if it weren't for Mateus," Sandy Friend said. "My heart is so heavy. Mateus was amazing. Everything I would want for my daughter to have for her life, such an amazing man to love her and take care of her."

Micayala is in the hospital. Monday afternoon she was listed in serious condition. Her mother says Micayla came out of sedation briefly Sunday to tell her family that she and her boyfriend never heard the train coming.

Micayla just learned on Sunday that her boyfriend died saving her life.

She has numerous broken bones. Her mother also says that every organ in Micayla's body has a tear in it due to the impact of being hit by a train.

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