Leo Frandsen


Leo Frandsen peacefully passed away on October 22, 2015 at a mere 10 months old. Leo was born eight weeks early with a rare case of gastroschisis, a birth defect in which the intestines and sometimes other organs develop outside the body.

He lived his short ten months fighting his daily battles with a dimpled smile as a constant fixture on his sweet face. His spirit is now free from the burdens his little body could no longer bear.

Though he could not breast-feed or take a bottle, his mother, Demi, diligently pumped milk every three hours, for ten months, donating more than 100 gallons to a local milk bank. She did this all so sweet Leo so could get a swab of milk inside of his mouth when he was able.

Each night, Leo's father, Jeff, had to choose between seeing his son Leo at the hospital, his 2 year-old son Sawyer and wife at home, all while balancing the rigors of medical school.

While Jeff is in school, the family relies on scholarships and student loans as their source of income.

This sweet family has endured countless trials for the past ten months and now face their greatest heartache of all, saying goodbye to their sweet baby boy. We are requesting to raise funds to help relieve the economic burden of saying goodbye.

We know your courageous spirit lives on, but for now we say, "Until we meet again Leo the Lion, your heart and strength have touched our lives for good."

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