Joseph Guy Bradley


On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, Joseph Guy Bradley passed from this life to begin his newest adventure in the mountains of heaven. Joey was born August 19, 1985 in Bountiful, Utah to Guy Bradley (deceased), and Connie Bradley Belnap.

Joey loved everything about the outdoors. He enjoyed hiking and camping in remote areas, and challenging himself to live off the land. He loved fast cars, and had a knack for fixing vehicles that he taught himself. He played baseball very well in Jr. High and High School, and earned the rank of Eagle Scout at age 14. He enjoyed taking trucks out mud bogging, as well as racing and jumping motorcycles. He thrived off of challenging himself to run faster, jump higher, climb further, and any other extreme physical activity. Joey’s beaming smile could be seen for miles when he tackled and completed a daunting challenge only he could accomplish. Joey loved taking his dogs out with him on his adventures as well as anyone else crazy enough to join him.

Joey had some hard times in his life, but recognized his shortcomings, and was working hard at paving a new road for his life. Always quick to come to the aid of the underdog, Joey understood the different plights that others found themselves in, and would do all he could to help them. Joey’s dream was to be a motivational speaker for youth, and to talk to them about overcoming mistakes and minimizing obstacles.

Joey did the best he could with the circumstances he found himself in, and his family loves and supported him, especially his loving mother. She was his strongest advocate and greatest fan, and never gave up on him.

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