John Robert Street


On May 11, 1990, God blessed this world with the presence of John Robert Street “John John”. John grew to be a boy with more energy than most had seen. As a child he loved cartoons, strawberry milk, and television. He loved his stuffed bunny. He always had a smile and blared cartoons at two am. He grew to be a fine athlete and son. He attended Perry Central High School and graduated from the National Guard Youth Challenge Academy. Within 24 hours of his graduation and after six months of being away from his family, he began his Training with the United States Marine Corps at Parris Island, SC. During his tenure in boot camp he sustained a severe injury to his foot but refused to quit. His drive and determination led to his meritorious promotion upon graduation. Between his deployments with the USMC, he worked commercial construction. He worked so hard, his fellow workers took his hard hat from him and wrote with a Sharpie “I’m a real go-getter”. He began working at the Stone County Sheriff’s Department Regional Correctional Facility. Then, when the opportunity presented itself, he attended the Southern Regional Public Safety Institute. He was hired by the Wiggins Police Department at the age of 20. He attended Harrison County Police Academy where he successfully graduated. John continued his duties as a Wiggins Police Officer until he became a patrol officer with Lucedale Police Department. He joined the George County Sheriff’s Office as a part-time officer as well. He was proud to be associated with his superiors and fellow officers in the police and sheriff’s departments. After six years with the USMC, John transferred to the Mississippi Army National Guard, where he served among his fellow soldiers with pride. John continued his education with Liberty University and was near to his goal of being an ordained minister to share his love of Christ with everyone.
There is no single word which can be used to describe John. However, there are a few pieced together that begin to give a picture of John such as humble, strong, caring, generous, unconditional love, trustworthy, Disciple of Christ, Soulmate, and Hero. He was a traveling man who loved many and hated none.
On Tuesday, December 16th, 2014, John was called home to The Lord while in the line of duty with the George County Sheriff’s Department. John leaves behind a four year old boy who has as much or more energy as John did as a child, is his spitting image and has his daddy’s heart. He has a sweet four month old boy who will only quit crying at the sound of his daddy’s voice and a loving wife who he claimed made the best brownies in God’s creation. He loved his little brothers unconditionally, and would protect them at any cost. His brothers saw him as their hero.
Those who were there to meet John in Heaven, after he touched the face of the Lord, include his grandfather, Harold C. Street, Jr. Those who remain and grieving include his wife, Donielle Trees Street, his oldest son, Michael Andrew Street, and his youngest child, Logan James Street. Those who support them include his brothers, Ryan C. Street (Lindsey) of Petal, Adam L. Street of Wiggins, his parents, Adam R. Street (Jennifer) of Wiggins, and Cheryl Akins (Tracy) of Pass Christian, his mother-in-law, Laurie Trees (Stephen Bishop) of Gulfport, and his brother-in-law, Steven Trees. Other family who will continue to keep his memory alive include great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and nieces.
The entire family will continue to think of John John as Superman and through the grace of God, there is no Kryptonite.
He was a proud father, a rocking husband, and a superhero to his parents and siblings. John is known to have scores of friends of which he called each and every one family.

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