Greg Scott Geisendorfer


The family of Gregg Scott Geisendorfer mourns the loss of his life on the afternoon of September 12, 2014 in Mill Creek, Washington. Beloved son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, and friend, Gregg was born in Fort Riley, Kansas on October 10, 1959, the oldest child of Robert and Gloria Geisendorfer. Gregg began life as a caretaker with six younger siblings whom he helped watch and nurture. An avid reader and lover of history, Gregg unintentionally shaped his brothers’ and sisters’ love of history by commandeering the family’s only TV set for endless hours of action films, Hogan’s Heroes, and TV Westerns. Gregg grew to a strapping size at an early age. Both because of his physical size and mature intellect, he was often mistaken for being far older than his years, a mistake that worked in his favor when mastering anything from raising quail in a suburban screened-in porch, to installing fire-alarm systems, to coin collecting. His younger siblings will never forget when the college freshman purchased a trampoline for the rest of the family still at home (and his parents never forgot the bill when it was shipped COD). As a young man, Gregg liked to consider himself a wheeler and dealer, but as he grew older he happily found himself wheeling chairs and dealing with the little “pirates” in his life who would demand—and receive—spare change and Slurpees. An instant friend to people of all ages, Gregg especially enjoyed the very young and old and had a special way of connecting to each age: always engaged and ready to celebrate any accomplishment, be it potty training or graduating from college. He could conjure up a gourmet meal from findings in the refrigerator, freezer, or pantry. Responsible to a fault, there was never a clock unchanged come daylight savings time, an animal unfed or a trashcan that went unemptied on Gregg’s watch. Gregg was preceded in death by his father, Robert Geisendorfer. He is survived by mother, Gloria Geisendorfer and six siblings and their families: sister Cheryl and Craig Hosking and nephews Ian and Noel; sister, Laura and Colin Baden and nephews Max and Gus; brother, Grant Geisendorfer and nephews Garrett and Graham; sister, Sandra and John Collier and niece Julia; brother, Glenn and Cristy Geisendorfer and nephew Joey; and sister, Sarah and Steve Harter, niece, Avery and nephew, Everett. Gregg leaves a lasting legacy of love in the lives of Stephen and Joe Joe Martinez. Gregg will also be missed by his beloved Aunt Mary as well as the many loving aunts, uncles, and cousins with whom he grew up and, above all, adored. Gregg could be a person of extremes: extremely sweet, extremely caring, extremely loving, extremely courageous, and extremely proud of the people in his life. He will be remembered for the tremendous joy he gave to everyone.

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