Ethan Ronald Van Leuven


Ethan Ronald Van Leuven, son of Merrill Ronald and Jennifer May Van Leuven, was born on November 24, 2009 in West Jordan, Utah. He passed away after fighting a long battle with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on October 28, 2014. Ethan was our superhero as he exemplified such traits as unfailing courage, faith, compassion, and being an example of goodness. From his earliest days until his final days Ethan was a fighter. He was mature for his age and managed to pass many developmental milestones earlier than his peers. He loved playing with balls and was frequently found kicking them around the house. This led to a love for the game of soccer. That hobby was cut short when he was 22 months old and was diagnosed. This didn't sway him. He still enjoyed the game but was content to watch. He soon developed an interest in puzzles, art, building Lego's, and playing video games (specifically Lego games) as his long and difficult stays in the hospital didn't allow him much mobility due to feeling sick or being connected to an IV tower. Through Legos, Ethan found out about Batman and Superman and their friends. Superheros became an easy love for him, especially as his fight with cancer became more intense. Ethan was always looking for ways to make people smile. He was shy around strangers but once a friendship formed, he would talk their ear off. He was an exceptional listener for his age and very observant. Ethan was quick to correct, but also quick to forgive. On days he didn't feel well, he would still manage to pull a smile for the camera. Ethan loved going to church. The week before his death, he wanted to go so bad, even walking all the way there through joint pain caused by his cancer. He even stayed an extra little bit to go to Primary and hear the songs sung which he loved. Ethan also had a love for Jesus Christ, evidenced by his love for Christmas. He loved looking at pictures of Him and would often comment about Him. In his final days, his story blessed the lives of many all over the world. Ethan will always be remembered as the superhero who brought the world together.
The family would like to express profound appreciation for so many who have lent support during Ethan's journey: Family, friends, neighbors, Primary Children's Hospital, Seattle Children's Hospital, Copper Hills 7th Ward, Copper Hills Utah Stake, the many various media outlets and news organizations who covered Ethan's story in such a positive light, and many others around the world who have followed his story. This journey would have been more trying without their love and support. Ethan's mission on earth would have been much more difficult without the faith and prayers of so many.
Ethan is survived by his parents, Merrill and Jen, his siblings, Brayden, Jerin, Makayla, Kason, Blake, and baby brother on the way, all his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and many other extended family. -

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