Elizabeith Ipson Glasman


On the stormy night of Monday, September 29, 2014, a night perfect for a ride on the clouds to Paradise, Elizabeth Ipson Glasmann, age 93, left her physical existence at 8:20 p.m. and floated softly away to Eternity. Possessing grace and dignity to the end, and hearing the sounds of family and music in the background, Mom knew all was well in her household. Then, being content with the way she felt those things should be, she finally let go and drifted away to a joyous reunion with her husband, Bill, her son Rod, her brother Harold, and her mother and father Ace and Lucy Ipson.

Elizabeth, she liked to be called “Beth”, was born to Aseal Andrew and Lucile Knight Ipson in Ogden, Utah, on August 19, 1921. She was educated at Ogden High School and Weber College, worked at the old Ogden Arsenal during World War II and as a cashier for Weber County and the Paramount Theater. On September 9, 1941, she married William W. Glasmann Jr. and had two sons, Bill III and Roderick Ipson Glasmann.

During the war years, Beth’s husband, Bill, served in the European Theater of Operation with the Army Air Corps while her brother, “Hap”, fought on the Islands of Peleiu and Okinawa as a 1st Lt. in the United States Marine Corps. With the exception of her husband, Beth was a Marine Corps lady, for besides her brother, her nephew Steve was a Marine Lt. in Vietnam and her son Bill was an EM in the Marine Corps and served stateside.

Beth was an extraordinary pianist, playing any song, mostly by ear. She loved playing the piano with an accompanying guitarist and together, with the two of them providing the instrumentation, her group of friends would play and sing music deep into the night. She also was one of the finest Bridge players to sit at a table and was constantly being asked to be a partner. She looked forward to her many Bridge Clubs, where she would play for hours and she played the game well into her 90s, until her back and health wouldn’t allow her to sit for the required amount of time.

She was a member of the Ogden Golf and Country Club and the Desert Island Country Club in Palm Desert, California, where she and her husband would spend their winter months in her beautifully decorated condominium. She got quite a kick out of the Desert Island Country Club’s address, which happened to be located at the corners of Bob Hope Blvd. and Frank Sinatra Dr. She was also a member of the Ogden Junior League.

Mom was a lady of grace and dignity. She was always extremely well dressed and carried herself with poise and class. She always welcomed others into her home, which was filled with food, love and beauty. Her greatest joy was providing for others and giving of herself. She had an unparalleled love of family, which she would go no ends to aid, help, and teach.

In her later years, she first contracted Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration then, shortly after the death of her husband, Parkinson’s Disease followed by a Lymphadema type condition in her right leg, and finally a lower back condition filled with degenerative disc disease and fracturing vertebrate. She was lived with and cared for by her family for the last six to seven years of her life, a family who should be sainted for their efforts and love. She passed away at home surrounded by her loved ones and held in her sons’ arms.

The family wishes to thank her doctors at the University of Utah Medical Center, especially Dr. Crandall and Meagan; Dr. Alan Abdulla, and Hospice for Utah, Debbie and Lisa, and Margi, Carol, and Lisa.

Elizabeth is survived by her son Bill (Patricia); her grandson Jason (Gina); two great grandsons Brock and Gage and two step-grandchildren, Tyler and Jade Barker; her lovely granddaughter Alicia (Christopher) Glascock; and two great-granddaughters Zoey and Ava.

She was preceded in death by her parents, Asael and Lucille Ipson, her brother Harold, her son Roderick and her beloved husband William W. Glasmann Jr.

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