Cindy Ellsworth Carey


The brilliant light that was Cindy Ellsworth Carey’s life has flickered out. She had a rare passion and intensity for life. A compassionate and supporting daughter, a loving wife, a fiercely devoted mother and a nurturing yet competitive sister. An amazing ski racer at the youngest (ever) age. The first all-state cheerleader from the junior page. A driven student with amazing grades, her expected norm. A talented pilot, she thrived when airborne. Always the maternal spirit, she raised her son to be independent and take wing. An extraordinary equine therapy volunteer, she helped the challenged go everywhere.

Cindy had a love for gardening, yard work and hard work, the tougher the work the better. She never met a challenge too big, a person she wouldn’t help, or an animal she wouldn’t stop to save. Most of all, family was everything to Cindy; she would do anything for anybody, at any time, and prided herself on keeping all family members together. She has now joined her mother, uncles, and grandparents in Heaven, dancing an Irish jig with the Colohan clan and raising a ruckus with the Ellsworth boys. We all love and miss you! God Bless and may peace be with you.

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