Brianna Michelle

Brianna was born on April 19th 2007 to parents Taylor and Ryan in a small town in Las Vegas she was one of the oldest out of 4 children she loved going out hiking or roller blading and she loved hanging out with friends but most of all she enjoyed talking to a few of her friends on social media she had a huge heart of gold and a passion for helping animals she wanted to either be a veterinarian or something else that had to do with animals Brianna fought as hard as she could until the very end until she took her last breathe and gained her wings and flew to heaven she will forever and always be loved,cherished,missed and envied for her strength,bravery,courage and kindness she showed everyone else around her there was never a dull moment with her especially when she was hyper or at least had some energy to do things she would run around the house if she had enough energy she was also a really big fan of dancing games her most prized possession was her pets,her stuffed animals,her baby blanket cards people made her and more she was a loving child to everyone she’s definitely dancing in heaven Rest in eternal Peace Brianna you are forever safe in heaven

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