Becky Lockhart


Becky Lockhart, the first woman to serve as Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives, has died. She leaves behind her legacy of 16 years in the Utah House of Representatives as a Republican from Provo and as a wife and mother to three grown children. She was 46.

Lockhart served in the Utah House of Representatives for 16 years, including the last four as Speaker of the House. She is survived by her husband, Stan, and three children, Hannah, Emily and Stephen; her parents Jerald and Gretchen Tower, and four siblings, Carrie Castillo, Lara Millington, Matt Tower, and Sam Tower.

Born in Reno, Nev., Lockhart earned a nursing degree at BYU. Before stepping into politics, Lockhart was married to politico Stan Lockhart, who was once chair of the Utah Republican Party.

She had ambitions for politics but said it wasn’t an easy path for her.

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