Alyn Beck


Alyn was killed in the line of duty on Sunday, June 8, 2014. Due to his tenacious exterior, most of us did not believe this news at first. Alyn was arguably the toughest individual in the city of Las Vegas; but with the softest, kindest center. He was strong, disciplined and uncompromising, while exemplifying compassion, sympathy, and gentleness. For the friends and family that knew Alyn, they understood that to know him was to see dichotomy personified.

Alyn was first and foremost a police officer. That is, until he went home. Then he was first and foremost a husband and father. He had the body of a competitive weightlifter but the mind of an engineer. He would mercilessly tease you, and in his next breath defend you as your ultimate ally. He could have been an undefeated UFC fighter but instead spent his spare time teaching youth in Sunday School. He was surrounded be less-desirables throughout his workday, yet was far from cynical about the world he lived in. You might have heard him say, “I don’t really like people.” But if you spent any time around Alyn, you saw that he lived his life in complete contradiction to that statement.

Whether through his career in law enforcement, his work with youth, his friendship with neighbors, his service at church, and at home with his family, countless souls have benefited from the dedicated service of Alyn Beck. Alyn was known as a tireless doer of good. Customarily forgetting his own comforts, he was happy when he was serving others; and he was his happiest when serving his family. People's lives were improved and enriched by the selfless service of Alyn Beck. The many beautiful tributes and stories shared through social media by those he touched are a testament to this very fact.

And that will be his legacy.

At the time of his death, he was in the process of promoting to the rank of Sergeant and had already successfully passed the written exam, career/management review, live assessment center, and was preparing to undergo the written portion of the assessment center. He would have been the standard to which all other sergeants should compare themselves.

Alyn was very much a Renaissance man, with an impressive list of hobbies: carpenter, architect, master chef, storyteller, defender of musicals, sword maker, teacher, Iron Man, and a keeper of promises. When it came to promises, Alyn had made at least two oaths in his life. One is the oath he made in his profession: the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor.

Of even greater consequence, Alyn was a keeper of an oath he made as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. Alyn had a profound faith in the Savior, and as such, his character elevated those around him, inspiring them to choose a better way. He was an example of someone who lived by his spiritual convictions and knew what mattered most in life. As observed by many, Alyn was fiercely loyal to his greatest friend and cheerleader – his wife, Nicole. He was an attentive and devoted father to his son, Daxton, and daughters Avenlee and Katriann – who at nine months old, held her dad in the palm of her hand.

He touched many lives. He saved many lives. His dedication was unshakeable. His course was unswerving. And his compassion was unending. Alyn was true to the cause of creating a better, safer and more secure life for everyone. He never wavered. He always went the extra mile. He will be remembered lovingly for his many kindnesses, his wonderful sense of humor, his extraordinary intelligence, his deep spirituality, and his profound testimony of and devout love for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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