Allen E Clark


Allen Edmund Clark, 49 trucker and businessman of Etna, died Thursday, Feb. 20 1975 of a heart attack as he was driving home in his pickup truck from his business, Star Valley Feed Co. in Afton, WY.

Funeral services were held Feb. 24 at 1 PM in the Etna LDS Ward Chapel. Interment was at the Etna

Allen was born Nov, 21 1925 in Etna, Wyoming to Marcus John and Clara Ellen Thompson Clark. He married Evelyn LaDean Sanderson of Freedom in 1958. They lived in Thayne on Muddy String for three years, then move to Etna in 1961 where they operated the Beeline Service Staion in conjunction with a trucking business.

Allen was engaged in the transportation business for over 20 years. He owned some of the first large diesel trucks in Star Valley. He and his brother Jim also operated heavy equipment in farm work and cleared land for the Palisades Reservoir. Later they went into the logging business, along with lumber hauling. Allen brought the first diesel logging trucks and trailers into the valley and als brought the first large log loader here.

In 1964 he and LaDean bought the Ether Wolfley place in Etna where he built a large shop and installed a set of truck scales and a coal yard. In 1968 they purchased the Walton Coal co. in Cokeville, WY and in 1971 they merged with the Star Valley Feed Co. in Afton and then purchased in 1973.

The next year, Alllen installed additional storage tanks for grain and an elevator leg to facilitate unloading trucks during harvest time. He didn't live long enough to see all of his ambitions realized.

In October 1970, just before his 44th birthday, he suffered his first heart attack, and a second one in December 1971 while in Idaho Falls salvaging a feed mill. He suffered with a blood clot which left his leg partially numb. On February 24, 1972 he had open heart surgery, performed by Dr. Russell M Nelson, in Salt Lake City, UT. He never complained and was always cheerful. He was respected and admired by all who worked with him..Although faced with many adversities in life, he didn't let them get him down. His favorite saying was, Nothing is ever so bad but what if could be worse, Let's take it as it is.

Allen left behind his wife Ladean, 8 children and 3 step-children:
Judy, Karen & Kelly O'Keefe, Danese, Vonna, Barry, Dale (Slim), Kurt, Nicole, Angela, & Tyson Clark

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